4 St. Ives facial scrubs. Used 25% off cartwheel and 2 $3/2 coupons. $5.64 after coupns. Received $5 gift card. OOP $.64.
3 Nivea small lotions at $.94 each. OOP $2.82. Received $5 gift card. $2.18 Money maker.
2 small yes to cucumbers face wipes at $2.99 each. Used 25% off cartwheel. Received $5 gift card. $.52 money maker.
One tide to go pen (unplanned purchase due to coffee spill and therefore no coupon). ~ $3.
Some amounts a little off because I don’t have receipts in front of me.
Started with $20 target gift card. Still have $18.91. All together OOP cost: $1.09!


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One thought on “All this for $1.09 at Target”

Where did u find st ives coupons?