Bought 1 Centrum Multigummies, 1 Centrum Vitamints and 1 Centrum 130 count sale price is $6.99 and used 3 $4/1 coupon from or Sunday paper. Activated and received 400 plenti points for each product from Household Offers.

Bought 2 Garnier Whole Blends shampoos. Used BOGO free from Sunday paper and 1 $2/1 from paper. Received 200 plenti points for buying 2.

Bought 2 Garnier Stylers used 2 $1/1 Garnier Styler from Sunday paper. Received 200 plenti points.

Bought 2 Ban deodorants. Used $1/1 from Sunday paper. Received 400 plenti points.

Bought 1 Right Guard Extreme Odor. Used $2/1 from Sunday paper. Used $1/1 peelie found on product (score!!!). Activated and received 200 plenti points from Household offers.

Bought 2 Halls cough drops. Used $1/2 from Sunday paper. Received 100 plenti points.

Before coupons everything rang up to $49.94. I paid $24.44 out of pocket after coupons and before taxes and made 2300 Plenti Points back = $23. Total cost for all 12 products $1.44!!!!

Also, I wasn’t specific enough in another brag I did. I hope this was enough. I’m a newbie and I’m still learning so please don’t internet troll me lol 🙂