Went to Kmart, CVS, Dollar general, and dollar tree,


got just 1 box of curad bandaids and used a $1/1 coupon


I got 6 bottles/cans of the Starbucks drinks on sale 2/$4, and when you spend $10 you get $3 back in EBCs, I only did this deal because my mon drinks them a lot.
I also got 4 bottles of tide, (I accidentally got 2 32 and 2 25 loads instead of 4 of the 32 load ones)
I used 4 of the $2/1 printable coupon, I also had a $5/$15 CVS coupon, and I got back $5 in EBC!
(Counting the EBCs I got for the Tide)
I paid $5.76 for all 4 bottles or $1.44 for each bottle of Tide!!!!!! That makes the 32 load one $0.04 per load!!!
I got the 2 bottles of Dial at CVS as well, the were on sale 2/$7 I used the $2/2 dial printable, and I had a $1.50/$5 body wash purchase so they were only $1.75 each, which isn’t bad.

I Did use a few cards so I could double as many coupons as I can.
All the black boxes of U kotex are $4.19, minus a $2/1 coupon that doubled means each box was only $0.19!! The white boxes of U kotex tampons are $3.99, used a $2/1 coupon that doubled making them free!!! I also got 2 boxes of K-cups because my mom really likes them and the they were on sale for $3.99 which is cheaper than Walmart.

Dollar general
I got the 4 bottles of tresemea (however you spell it) on sale for I used 2 $3/2 coupons, sadly the spend $8 get $2 off instantly is after coupons so I only got a $2 discount instead of a $4… Oh well, $2 for tresemea isn’t bad

-Teen couponer 😉


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One thought on “$1.44 for Tide and many other good deals at Kmart, CVS, Dollar General & Dollar Tree!”

How much was each bottle originally ?


I believe they were on sale for $5.94 (if your talking about the tide)


When does double coupon end at Kmart?


Goodness! I tell you I never see these comments, it ended on Sunday, sorry!