2 kung pow chicken wrap $1.76
not in picture, they started to thawl.
~ used 2/$1.00 mfr
~ ibotta $1.50
~ibotta (my husband’s) $1.50
2 tresemme $4.98
~ used 2/$1.00 mfr
~ ibotta $4.75
~ ibotta (my husband’s) $4.75
3 loreal tinted face lotion clearance:$1.00
~ used 3/$2.00 mfr
1 Sally Hansen clearance $1.00
1 Nair roll on : clearance$1.00
1 Colgate twin toothbrush clearance$1.00
~ used $1.00 mfr
total $19.48
paid $8.48
submitted ibotta $12.50
$4.02 money maker!!

1 Gillette shaving gel twin pack clearance $3.49
used $1.00 mfr
1 oral b toothbrush clearance $0.69
used $1.00 mfr
1 oral b dental floss clearance $0.89
used $0.50 mfr

paid $2.57
got an amazing deal on the shaving gel. Wal-Mart is usually where I get it bc it’s cheapest there. it’s $8.97 at my Wal-Mart. I couldn’t believe I found it at Kroger on clearance for $3.49!!! I mean the twin packs. crazy awesome price. 🙂
good day of shopping. total paid for everything I got today was, money maker $1.45


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2 thoughts on “$1.45 money maker”

be careful i was nearly banned from i botta doing lesser than you


So you had the Tresemme on separate receipts right for you and your husband right? Or did you do it on the same receipt?