I bought a 28 oz bottle of Dawn orig 3.75 and used a 1.00 off 18oz or larger mobile coupon (just register online look up dollar general mobile coupon) scroll down and find it then click the plus button so you just type your phone number in at the checkout and there’s 1.00 off store discount PLUS dollar general allows 1 manufactor coupon and 1 dollar general coupon per item so then add a .25 cent off dawn coupon from coupons.com and its 1.50 plus tax (there’s also .10 off any dish soap at mobisave) for 28 oz which is .05 per oz CHEAPER THAN THE .62 cent 9oz deal at Walmart


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2 thoughts on “1.50 for 28 oz at Dollar General”

The mobile coupons are manufacturer unless it specifically states that it is a dollar general coupon.


I don’t think DG allows two coupons per item.