I had rain check for skillet sauces….$1 ea. (Reg $1.99 ea.) And I had eight 50 cent coupons that doubled making them free…

Right guard was BOGO 2/$2.95 (reg $2.95 ea.) and I used the $2 off coupon in inserts and it was completely free…would’ve been a 50 cent money maker but I guess publix doesn’t allow overage any more….

Kids oral-b toothbrushes were in clearance section for 2/2.99 (reg $2.99 ea.) and there were 50 cent sticky coupons on them and they doubled only making the 3 kids toothbrushes 50 cent each….and which is why I only had to pay $1.74 for everything!!!

If everything was regular priced it would’ve been $37 dollars worth!!!


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One thought on “$1.74 @ publix for 15 items!!!!!”

That’s great! None of my local store doubled coupons .