1.93 With doubling Coupons Worth 17.77 for I used Kmart website to price the L’Oréal 4.50 and used two 2 dollar off coupons paid 50cents each and then used $2 off 4.79 Aussie making it 79 cent’s the I used two $1 off 1.99 Suave making it Free 🙂 Thank You KCL


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2 thoughts on “1.93!! Worth 17.77 at Kmart”

My Kmart store won’t match online Kmart prices. 🙁


Kmart isn’t supposed to match their online prices. As a former employee, I can tell you it’s meant to get you to order online if it’s cheaper that way. With their “ready in an hour” idea of ordering online, it is against store policy to price match at kmart.