Paid oop $1.97 @ meijer used all meijer digital mperks coupons
$11.99 tide pur clean used $5.00mperk coupon
4.99 Bounce & downy sheets used $1.00 mperks coupon
Saved $5 instantly for purchasing $20.00 in laundry
Garnier $1.50 used 3.00 off 2
Used a $7.00 reward making my oop cost $1.97!


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3 thoughts on “$1.97 saved $23 at Meijer!!”

So you are really paying for some up front but with rebates or rewards is where we get the cash back?


No i earned the reward on a prior shopping trip I don’t count them till I use them because I’m not technically zaving that money till i use it so my subtotal total was $1.97 with tax it was $2.99 with out the reward to put toward it my total would have be $8.97 still a $12 savings


very nice