L’Oreal Advanced Hair Care on sale 2/$8
-When you buy 2, receive $4 Extra Care Bucks
-use 2 $1/1 L’Oreal Hair Care
Tide Pods on sale for $4.49
-use 1 $2/1 Tide pods or Gain Flings
Ajax on sale for $.88
Head & Shoulders @ regular price $5.99ea.
-use $3/2 H&S (June P&G)
*I had a personalized coupon for $3 off of $15 on a shampoo/conditioner purchase
**I started with $15 Extra Care Bucks
***This week I wasn’t feeling the deals. So I just got the necessities.
****$3.18 MONEYMAKER FOR ME!!!
*****Not sure where the manufacture coupons are from (wasn’t organized!)
*****Next week, I hope there’s better deals with Extra Care Bucks.


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3 thoughts on “You have only $1? NO PROBLEMO!! CVS”

Not really a money maker if you used $15.00 in extra bucks & only got $4.00 back


I agree the math is all wrong. You have to count ecb towards purchased hall or received ecb towards purchased haul. Not both ways. You just pay less out of pocket.


Yep, I hate to take the wind out of anybody’s sails (“sales?” 🙂 ), but I wish this site would help people understand that part of it. You can’t count the ECBs you use AND the ECBs you receive on the same transaction. Personally, I think of them just like cash and only count the DIFFERENCE between the two. If I spend $15 and get back $4, then I really spent $11, not had a $4 MM.

Just like if I pay with a $20 bill and get back $12 in change, I wouldn’t say I “made” $12 buying my items.

Sorry for the long post- it’s my little peeve because it misleads people who may buy something that might not actually be such a great deal.