Bought 2 Venus razors
Bought 2 Nivea men body wash
Bought 1 Sure deodorant
Used 25% off CVS cp
Plus $2 off $8 body wash CVS cp
$3 off Gillette razors CVS cp
$5 extra bucks from previous transactions
$3 off Nivea body wash mfg cp
2 $3 off Gillette razor mfg cp
.75 off sure deodorant mfg cp
Paid $7 out of pocket. Got $1.50 rebate from checkout 51 for Gillette razors. Received $16 extra bucks!


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One thought on “$10 money maker at CVS”

jealous your rebate went through! I’ve done it 7 times with no problems, and this time they said I didn’t get it because I used a coupon…ugh!