I wasnt going to post this as I originally thought I could do better but I woke up this morning to more savings so I thought I would share.

Sunday I headed to CVS to spend my 30% off and 7$ off of 22 Physicians Formula app coupons that were expiring that day, and use the 3 Revlon 3$ off coupons I had left.

1st transaction

Ph shimmer eye shadow green 12.99, Ph Mascara 9.99,  2 Revlon eye shadow @ 3.19 ea and 1 larger Revlon eye shadow @ 10.49.

Used 3 3$ off Rev eye makeup, 7$ off 22 PF 5$ in Beauty bucks that I had on my CVS card, 7.85 off from the 30% just for you and 11$ in EC bucks I had from last week. Which brings my grand total for transaction #1 to 0 ( Texas doesn’t do the tax on items that are free, I don’t know why) Received 15$ in EC bucks for this.

I decided last minute to buy some lotion and body wash.

Transaction #2

1 Nivea in shower body lotion on sale 6$ ea, 1 nivea body lotion sale 6$ ea, 2 St Ives body wash B1G1 50% and 2 St Ives lotion B1G1 50%

Used 2 2$ off Nivea products and 1 1.50 off St Ives product ( I only had 1, imagine if I had 4! ) Used a 3$ off 2 body wash or lotion Cvs coupon and 15$ in EC from Tr #1 which brought my total to 6.18 with Tax.  Recived 8$ in EC bucks for this.

Woke up this morning to 10$ in beauty from from this shopping trip and 6$ rebate ( its auto, I connected my cvs card to savingstar )

I dont really count Beauty bucks and EC bucks as “cash” more like a coupon.  So minus the 6$ from savingstar I paid a whole whopping 18 cents for all this. So 79.56 for free 100% savings AND I have 8 EC and 10 beauty bucks for next week.

Huge Ty to KCL for everything you have done to make me a crazy shopper too



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2 thoughts on “100% savings at Cvs”

great deals! If you don’t count your extra bucks like cash then you are basically double counting your extra bucks. For example, the 15.00 you earned in trans #1 you counted in that transaction then counted it in your next transaction. To avoid this, I add what I use back into my total I paid then subtract the extra bucks I earned on that transaction to see what I really paid after. Say my total is 1.00 after using 10.00 in extra bucks, I will add 1.00 + 10.00 = 11.00 then subtract what I earned in extra bucks. If I earned 8.00 in extra bucks then it’s like I paid 3.00 (11.00-8.00). Hope this helps!


I didnt count it in my first transaction as a “money maker” i paid 0 for transaction 1 before the 15 i got back and then used that 15 as a 15$ “coupon” on transaction 2