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102% savings!


This is one of my many shopping trips during Kroger’s mega event sale last week.  Chex mix on sale for .99, I used three .50/1 coupons, which doubled to make them free and one .50/2 coupon, making two .50 each.  The bbq sauce was on sale for .50, I used two .60/2 coupons, this made them .20 each.  The noodle bowls are priced at .88 and I had .50/1 coupons that doubled to the price of the item making them free.  I got one mac-n-cheese at .50, as a filler because I needed 10 participating items.  Milky way are .99 and were on sale buy 2 get 1 free, I also had the buy 2 get 1 free printable, this made them each .33.  The Reynolds baking cups are .99 and I used two .35/1 FB coupons, which tripled to the price of the item and those were free.  My total after tax was $4.73.  I gave the cashier a $3 catalina, which brought the price down to $1.73.  I had a $2 catalina left and asked the cashier if I could use it.  She said she would try but it wouldn’t give me any money back.  I was ok with that because I was just trying to minimize my OOP as much as possible.  So she scanned it and the change machine at the end of the lane dropped out .27 and a $3 catalina for the chex mix printed.  So I was paid $3.27 for that shopping trip!  Small as it may be, this was my most successful trip ever!

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