trans 1:
4 tide
2 crest
2 tampax buy one get one 50%
1 dawn
did the spend 30 get 10 eb and eb from crest
used :
4mf tide coupons
2 mf crest coupon
1 mf dawn coupon
1 mf tampax coupon
trans 2
2 Scott’s Toilet paper and used 2 mf coupon
2 Scott’s paper towels and used mf coupon
did the spend 20 get 5 eb back and used the eb from trans 1

trans 3
did the 3/10 Pepsi/dr.pepper
used the eb from trans 2 and mf coupon for Pepsi

first time breaking it out hopefully u can read it. 🙂


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One thought on “$115.09 before coupons and only paid $39.48 at CVS”


That is great!! Thank you for sharing.


Wat what total oop