This is from Sprouts which I’ve noticed isn’t on the app but it is a national store with hundreds of locations.
All items were sale items and unfortunately no coupons but still more then 50% in savings.

3 lbs asparagus reg 2.49/ lb sale 1.49/ lb
2 Cantaloupe reg $1.49 each sale 49¢ each
2.2 lbs Peaches reg $1.49/ lb sale 49¢/ lb
6 lbs Green beans reg $1.67/ lb sale 88¢/ lb
2.3 lbs red grapes reg $1.67/ lb sale 88¢/ lb
2 lbs Pork sausage reg $5.49/ lb sale 3.99/ lb
2 lbs chicken sausage reg $5.49/ lb sale $3.99/ lb
6 lbs Boneless skinless chicken breast msg and nitrate free reg 3.99/ lb sale 1.88/ lb
8 bags organic frozen veggies reg 2.99 each sale 2 for $4 with an additional 20% off
3 smooth greens juice reg $5.49 ea marked down to $1.99 each
Kefir $2.99

Reg. retail $116.71
Actually spent $54.95
53% savings


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One thought on “$116 Fresh Healthy Foods at Sprouts For $54”

Great haul! We’re supposed to be getting a Sprouts next year, I can’t wait for it to open.