2 Stores, 2 transactions, 2 households for rebates.

Used 8-$2.00 mfg
Received a $10 and a $5 in jingle bucks


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5 thoughts on “$128 With A Profit Of $14 Minus Taxes”

What stores did you use? And where are the coupons? Thanks


I purchased at my two local Walgreens. Coupons were from coupons.com for $2 off 2. There is also coupons in 12/6 inserts for $1 off 1


Can you explain the battery deal? How many you bought, how many rebates you submitted them for and how many jingle bucks you got?


1st transaction
Bought 10 packs of 4, on sale for $3.99 each
Used 4-$2.00 mfg and 2-$1.00 mfg
Received $5.00 Jingle Bucks
Received $14.20 in points
Submitted 5-$4.00 rebates. Limit is 4 per email so submitted the last one under husband info

2nd transaction

Purchased 2 four packs at 3.99
Purchased 6 eight packs at $6.99
Used 4-$2.00 mfg
Received $10.00 jingle bucks
Received $13.00 in points
Submitted 3-$8.00 rebates
Submitted 1-$4.00 rebate


Thanks so much for posting this deal! I never would have found this on my own and I love a great battery deal!