4 Herbal Essences Mousse 2 for $5
2 Herbal Essences Hairspray 2 for $5
– (3) $4/2
2 Aussie Shampoo/Conditioner 2 for $5
– $4/2 in app expires today
1 Colgate Optic White $3
– $2 Monthly Savings Book
– $1.50/1 coupons.com

Added Bonus coupon to my card. Receive 7,000 points when you spend $20.

OOP $3.50
Received 7,000 points ($7.00)
Final $3.50mm

Transaction 1
2 Krave Cereal $1.99ea
– $1/2 kfr.com
1 Enjoy Life Brownie cookies $3.99
(Just realized the cashier didn’t scan my $1 coupon)
2 Head/Shoulders for Men $4.99ea
– 30% cartwheel (price down to $3.49ea)
– $4/2
2 Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula $3.57ea
– 20% cartwheel (price down to $2.85ea)
– 2 $1/1
Mobile Coupon Receive $5gc w/ $15 personal care purchase
$5 off $10 purchase received in the mail
-5% REDcard Savings
OOP $8.47 + tax
Received $5 Target gc
Ibotta $2 Enjoy Life cookies
Ck51 $1.50 Enjoy Life brownie cookies
Ck51 $1 Krave
MobiSave $1 Kellogg’s cereal
Final $2.03mm

Transaction 2
4 Tresemme 4.2oz hairspray $2.74
– 3 $1/1
1 St Ives lotion $4.99
– $1.50/1
Mobile coupon $5gc w/ $15 personal care purchase
Rolled over $5gc from Transaction 1
– 5% REDcard Savings
OOP $6.38 + tax
Received $5gc for Tresemme wyb 4
Received $5gc for $15 personal care purchase
SavingStar $1 Tresemme
SavingStar $0.75 St Ives
Final $5.37mm

1st store
2 Colgate $3.99ea
– $2/6 CVS app for Mouthwash
– 2 $1/1
2 Schick Xtreme $9.79
– $3/$15 CVS app for razors
– $7/2
1 Kotex pads $4.99
– $2/1 CVS q cvs.com
– $1/1
4 CoverGirl Eyeliners twin pack $4.79ea
– $3/15 CVS app for cosmetics
– 4 $3/1
Used $10/$50
Rolled over $5EB from last week
OOP $4.71 + tax
Received $4EB from Mouthwash
Received $5EB from CoverGirl
Final $0.71 + tax

I was bothered that I was short $0.42 toward the threshold for Schick purchase (Spend $20 Get $10 EB) so I went to a CVS on my way home.

Store 2
Transaction 1
2 Bai for $4
Rolled over $4 EB (Colgate) from Store 1
Paid $0.00
Received $4 EB

Transaction 2
1 Schick Xtreme $9.49 ($0.30 cheaper than Store 1)
– $3/1
1 CVS Razors (equivalent to Schick Xtreme)$5.99
– $3/$15 CVS app for Razors
Rolled over $5 EB from Store 1 and $4 EB from Transaction 1.
OOP $0.48
Received $10EB Schick
Received $3EB CVS Razors
Final $3.52mm

If my Math is correct, the Final price is $13.71 MONEYMAKER!! Nevada tax is 7.725% and I paid $5.92 Total. So $7.79 moneymaker…but still. Lol.


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6 thoughts on “$13.71 moneymaker!”

I like the way you break down your transactions, unlike many others that brag. Very organized and easy to understand. Thanks for listing that you rolled your previous weeks Extrabucks into transaction#1. Great job on the savings and thanks for posting. Gave me some ideas on what to get next time.


Thanks! I try to use the Extrabucks on the ones that end up being free (like the Bai drinks) because that’s what I consider actually free since I’m not paying anything OOP and am getting back the same amount of Extrabucks. Happy shopping!! 😉


Wow thats a pretty good haul!!! I went to walgreens today and tried to buy two shampoo and two hair sprays but they told me it the $4 off jst worked once
How did you do it


Thanks! I went there for shampoos and conditioners but the shelf was empty so I ended up just getting 4 mousses and 2 hairsprays. I had 3 coupons that were each $4 off 2 shampoo, conditioner, or hairstyle.


Great job, just a comment about CVS Schick/razor deal. I aim for at least 98% of spend goal. This was $20, So that would mean you’d need to spend at least $19.60 to trigger the $10 XB. It looks like you spent $9.79 x2 = $19.58, so you were only 2 cents short. Next time, cause we all know there will be a next time, aim for that 98%. I see you went back (we’ve all done that), but you spent $9.49 + $5.99 = $15.48 (lucky you that you had coupons to bring that down.. -6 and got 3XB = 6.48 just to earn that $10XB, if you had only spent 2 cents more the first time…. But great job, how do you get your comments to line up, mine always rolls together?


Thanks for the tip! When I calculated, I did $19.58/$20=.979 so technically 98% but I guess it shouldn’t be rounded. Lol. I should’ve bought the $13.99 and $9.79 but didn’t want to spend $4 at the time. But I ended up spending $6 more instead. Haha. Ugh! A couple of mistakes this trip but overall still a moneymaker.

After each item, I just hit “return” to get to the next line. If that’s what you mean about lining up. 😉