***Please not I did separate transactions because you can only use 4 like coupons from the P&G insert***

So the Gillette and Venus have some cheaper shaving creams for $1.97, I picked up 18, 18• $1.97= $35.46
I used 18 of the $2/1 Gillette or Venus shaving cream coupon $2•18=36, $35.46-$36 = A 52 cent Money Maker!!! 😀

*** By the way some people have the tide pods cheaper than we do, so be sure to check your store!***

The Tide Pods 16 count are $4.47 at my store,

$4.47•16= $71.52
Minus 10% off because my mom works there = 64.36
Minus 16 of the $3/1 coupon = $16.36

Paid $15.82 for all!!!!

It was $107 before coupons!!!


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It is only on the one with frebreze tide pods. Also it is an in store price so they will probably not allow you to price match to it.


I had 1 coupon left so I did that and got my bag for 48 cents


If you have more Tide coupons you can price match from Target they are 3.48, if you need something to show them go to target.com and type in tide pods and look for it