At Walgreens, I used (9) $4/1 Schick disposable, (2) $2/3 Mars, (3) $2/1 Colgate mouthwash, (3) $1/1 soft soap, found Rimmel Show Off lip lacquer on clearance for $2.49 and used (2) $1/1 Rimmel lip product from and at Walmart, I use (1) $2/1 Huggies pull up and submitted $2.00 Ibotta rebate! Total retail value is $168.99 and after rebates and BR points, i paid $21.93 for 27 items!


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2 thoughts on “$169.00 For $20 at Walgreens!”

I’m new at this but did you have to do different transactions to earn your points? Or just one? Wish I could get this kinda deal.


I did have to do seperate transactions for the razor, doing 3 at a time to get the “spend $15, get 3000 point” deal. The rest was able to be done together. I used $4/1 on each the razors that are $5.99 on sale, plus subtracting the points made the razors only $0.99 each! So the first was the soaps, mouthwash, lip gloss, candy and 3 razors, then 3 razors in the second transaction and the third.