2 Maybelline Coverstick $5.99 each
Used 2 $2 off Maybelline face product.

2 Maybelline great lash mascara $5.99 each
Used 2 $2 off Maybelline eye mascara product.

2 Maybelline Blush $6.29 each
Used 2 $2 off Maybelline face product.

2 Schick Quattro cartridges $13.49 each
Used $10 off 2 Schick Quattro cartridge.

Total: 63.53
MF: $22
CVS: $9
25% off: $27.79

total: $4.73

Received $22.00 EB back!!!

Grand total: $17.27 Money Maker!

HUGE SAVINGS!!!! 127% Savings!!!!!


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5 thoughts on “Over $17 Money Maker at CVS!!!”

I’m a little confused by the math in this deal.. I am showing a total spent of $16.64 (without taxes) and then with the 22 EB only a $5.36 moneymaker.. The 25% off you have 27.79 but 25% off of 63.52 is only 15.88.. Did you have an additional discount you didn’t mention? And what were the $9 CVS (just EB from a pervious trip?

Please let us know! Curious to try this deal


This is what my math add up to too. I think she is calculating the percentage wrong


explain – please please- would like to try this deal out


Please explain total due ……


I think there is more money spent on the cartridges that isn’t calculated in the total due…. please explain.