2 bottles of loreal advanced hair care shampoo

2 bottles of speed stick

2 babylips Maybaline chapstick
1 card

I used
$4/2 for the shampoo
2 $2/1 for the speed stick
2 $1/1 for the baby lips

Transaction 1-
the shampoos and deodorants
Oop- $8.46 before EBs I saved $11.58 (the receipt tells me)
I got $4 EB for the deodorants
$4 for the shampoo
Didn’t give me the shampoo one at first though, glad it was in the ad!

2 baby lips chapsticks
And 1 $0.99 card so I could use my EBC I wanted to the 3 99 cent card with the $3/3 hallmark cards… They let me a different CVS but not at this one, oh well.

OOP- $8.46
Remaining EBs $4.00
Not too bad for 15 eh? All thanks to your sight though!!

P.S. I thought the Maybaline printed an EB? Maybe I am too late, hmmm


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One thought on “My 1st brag–CVS!!”

Where did u get the speed stick coupons


Oops, never saw you comment, sorry! I got them off of coupons.com though 😀