10 tides at .88 cent a piece,with 50 cent off coupon doubling to $1, spending $8.80. 1 pack of U Kotex sleek Tampons, on sale for $2.49, had a $2.00 off coupon, coming in at $.49 cent.
1 pack of U Kotex tampons, $.99 cent, on sale for $2.99 had a $2.00 off coupon.
Oxiclean was free. On sale for $3.99, 1 MF coupon $2.00 off and 1 shoprite ecoupon of $2.00 = FREE 🙌🏼
1 Palmolive, on sale for $1.88, 50 cent coupon. Total spent on all this $11.80 😁


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2 thoughts on “My 1st haul at ShopRite”

New to this couponing world, for one manufacturer coupoun can you get all 10, or would it be done in separate transactions? Thank You


Hey I’m new to couponing. I’m going to shoprite tonight and have a coupon for the tide as well. Is there a limit on how many tides you could purchase under one coupon, or would you have to do separate transactions?