First i got 6 febreeze air effects all for $2.99 each. I used 3 coupons buy 1 get 1 free and recieved a $5 target gift card. =$9

Second bought 12 shampoo and conditioners. Used 4 buy 3/$5 coupon and used a 25% off target cartwheel offer and got $15 back on target gift cards. (fyi)- do it on seperate transactions to get full 25% off items.= Around $19

Next i bought 4 bounty paper towels for a $1.02 each and used 4 $0.50/1 paper towel coupon.=$2.08

Next used a superman cereal coupon $0.75/1 item. Sale price was $2.50. = $1.75.

Last bought a $1 gummy bear pack . used a $0.30/1 item. =$0.70.
I spent a total of $41. Got $25 worth of target gift cards= total spent $16!!


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One thought on “My 1st huge saving at target! Total= $16!!”

So did you do separate transactions? I wanna get the two first deals…