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1st major savings at CVS!


I am sick as a dog today so I needed to get some Dayquil. Thanks to all the free info this site I have saved over $200.00 with stacking coupons with store coupons so far this month! Anyway I am still new to couponing but I am getting better with practice. Well today I scored a great deal at CVS! I didn’t get the $4/3 toothbrush coupon out of the machine so I had to improvise. I had two separate transactions. Transaction 1. 2- Colgate OPT white toothbrushes @ $2.50 each. – 2 X $1 optic white coupons 1 – Schick Quatro for women razor @ $11.29. – 1 X $3.00 Schick quatro coupon – $3 in extra reward bucks ________________________ Total plus tax was $9.67 and got $8.00 in extra reward bucks!! Transaction #2 2 for $14.00 – Dayquil & Nyquil – 8.00 extra bucks from transaction 1. ___________________________ Total paid was : $6.00 and got another $3.00 extra bucks + a 25% off coupon! Grand total = $15.67 (less 3 extra bucks) = $12.67 for everything!!

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