So the febreeze is buy one get one half off and I had bogo coupons…
Then the Lysol I needed another $12 to get $10 rob back.
Dawn was .99 with a .25 off coupon…
And I got some tissues just because I needed them…they were .99.
The rest I used extra care bucks 🙂


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3 thoughts on “$2.60 Out Of Pocket at CVS!!!”

Also there is a coupon on for .75/1 febreeze and some CVSs will allow you to use the B1G1 coupon AND the .75 coupon because it 2 items (so you can use 2 coupons) BUT sometimes it just depends on the clerk if they will allow it. I went to 1 CVS that honored for me no questions asked, but another CVS that basically treated me like a criminal when I tried to use it. But it’s always worth a shot!


Do they bogo the full value of the febreze ($3.59) or the b1g1 50% value one ($1.80)? I’m confused on how these coupons work.


Some cvs stores will give you the full value 3.59 while others will only take the one that is 50% off. That’s what happened to me a couple of days a go so I just went to the cvs that I know takes the full value so I ended up getting 4 fabreeze car clips they were 3.99 bogo 50% off I used 2 bogo free and a 2/5 glade, fabreeze cvs coupon paid Oop 2.98 for all 4 🙂