4 oxi clean detergents, 4 jars of ragu sauce, 1 bottle of lotion, 5 four packs of dannon yogurt, 4 four packs of dole fruit cups, 2 four packs of dole fruit pouches. Only .62 cents.
Used four 3.00 off coupons for oxi clean, used four 1.00 off ragu coupon, used .75 suave lotion coupon which doubled and shop rite had a digital coupon also for .75 cents, used four .75 off Dannon yogurt which also doubled and they were on sale buy 5 and pay 1.49 each( so 4 of the 4 packs were free) used 4 dole fruitcup coupons for .75 cents also doubled. Used 1 dole fruit pouches coupon for 1.00 off 2. Shop rite also had a digital coupon for spend 50.00 and take 10.00 off. After all coupons my total was only .62 cents. I saved 59.66.


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3 thoughts on “20 items for .62 cents”

Where was this at? And we’re you in Tampa, Florida? Because the stores here in Tampa, or Florida, for that matter don’t double coupons. And what store were you at?




Good job!!