$219.65 worth of product only paid $4.34 out of pocket !! This is from three transactions and rolling over the plenti points from the rake in points event at rite aid ( limit 2 redemptions per household per week; spent $50.00 on qualifying items get 2000 points )

Transaction #1
Purchased 8 packages of 3count triple blade schick razors , 2 -45.3fl oz bottles of detergent and a bouncy ball . Total before coupons $99.89 , with sale dropped to $54.89 with $29.00 in coupons total $25.89 used my 27.99 plenti points from last week rake in points . Paid nothing got 2000 ($20.00) worth in points .

Transaction #2

Purchased 3 packages of 3 count tripppe blade schick razors , 1 package of 12 pack twin blade schick razors , 4 cover girl mascara , two garnier fructis shampoo and conditioner , two 500ml of pro health mouth wash . Retail $85.88 with sale $57.64 with my wellness discount with rite aid 10% off total $51.84 used $33.00 in coupons ( 2 -$7.00/2 schick razors , 4-$3.00/1 cover girl eye product , 2 $2.00/1 pro health mouth wash , 1 $3.00/2 for Garnier total $18.00 tax was 6.34 . Total 24.34 used plenti points from first transaction. Bringing out if pocket cost to only $4.34 cents but got another $20.00 in points for select items

Transactions #3
Purchased 6 bottles of Arizona ( buy 1 get 1 free ) , 1 package of 16ct charming basic bath tissue , 1 cortisone ointment, 4 -2liter bottles of soda. Total before sale $33.88 with sale $19.87 no coupons used , used plenti points from transaction 2= Free /No pocket expense .


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6 thoughts on “$219.65 and only paid 4.34 out of pocket at Rite Aid!!!!”

Wow that’s Amazing !!!!! God I wish we had a Rite Aid in missing out in good deals :-/


Girl you are a force to be reckoned with !! Congrats !


Thank you ! My local rite aid knows me by name it’s pretty bad


so you did these over a couple days!


Yes it took me about three days ! Because I wanted to roll over points , I didn’t want to pay out of pocket , not the “out of pocket definition on this website”


That’s me too. When I say I paid nothing out of my pocket that means I didn’t give them even 1 penny lol. love rolling the points. Great job