At CVS I rolled ecb and was oop $2.21 for 6 boxes of cereal, 8 packages of snack size nuts, 2 Body Armor drinks, gummy bears, a Snickers crisper candy bar, and a gallon of milk. You can print coupons at that make the nuts free. I also had coupons for the cereal, candy bar, and drinks.

I visited three Dollar Generals and took advantage of the $5/$25 today. What I do is get my total before coupons right at $25. Then I use coupons to get it down as low as I can. Some paper coupons I used were $2/1 Bic razors, $2/1 Crest, $.45/1 Angel Soft (making it $.55 before the $5/$25 savings for the 4 roll package on the $1 aisle!), $1/1 Glad food protection product (on sale for $1.50), $1/1 Bic stationary product, $.75/1 PaperMate Inkjoy pens, and $.75/1 Scott toilet tissue. I also used DG’s digital coupons on the app including $2/1 DG tampons, $3/1 Excedrin, $1/3 pop tarts, $1/1 Scott paper towels. At one store I was oop less than $2.50!

I also went to Walmart and got 8 spirals free with $1/1 Five Star product and used 2 $1/1 General Mills Little Toast cereal. I paid full price for the coupon organizer lol. I figured I deserved it. The little journals were on clearance for $.10 each.

Total oop $23.34
Total saved $138.04

I cringe when I see people paying full price for stuff I know they could get for free or nearly free! I saw a lady pay $1 each for 5 of those little Angel Softs! That’s crazy! They only have 58 sq ft in them!


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3 thoughts on “$23.34 CVS, Walmart, & Dollar General haul!!”

gotta get those coupon organizers. lol that is an amazing haul. still learning but once i get a good one, you can be sure i am going to post it.


“I paid full price for the coupon organizer”, Priorities right? lol! That’s an awesome haul!


Lol same! I just died when I had to pay full price for mine