Walmart has 26.5 oz Nutella (the big jar) on sale for $4.98 (normally around $6.50 for me)

Use one $1.50 off coupon from SS 07/31/16 on any Nutella 13oz and over, pay $3.48 out of pocket.

Submit for a $2.00 rebate via Checkout51. Total cost $1.48.

**You can combine this offer with a dollar tree box of Puffs, submit for a $.75 rebate with Checkout51, this triggers their “Back to School Bonus” of an additional $.50. Meaning you get a box of Puffs for free and a 26.5 oz jar of Nutella for $1.23!


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2 thoughts on “26oz Nutella only $1.48 at Walmart”

So the coupon that was on not work on this deal?


I don’t think so, that was a $2 off a 13oz, this is a $1.50 off 13oz or higher