Transaction #1 at Walgreens
2 crest pro-health mouth wash at $4.49 each
Used 2 1/$1.25 mq
Rolled 3000pt.
Oop $4.41 and received 5000pt ($5.00)

Transaction #2
3 shave gel buy one get one 50% 2 at price $ 3.49 and 1 for $1.74
Use 2 coupons $2/1 (and my third e-coupon didn’t go through to get me even better deal)
Rolled 5000pt
Oop $0.41
Recieved $5.00 RR

Transaction #3
2 Irish body wash $3.49 each
M&M candy $1.69 (not in picture)
Dawn dish soap $0.99
Used 2 coupons $1/1 Irish soap
1 $0.25 dish soap
Rolled 3000pt
Paid $8.17
Got 3000pt for Irish soap and 180pt everyday points
(When I came home I realized that my I paid full amount after coupons plus they took my 3000pts which I could’ve saved for next trip. Bummer cashier)

Target trip
4 Tresemme
Use 2 coupons $5/2
Used $5 gift card from last week
Oop. $2.35
Recieved $5 gift card

Total $3.83 mm
Could’ve been better if my $2 coupon would’ve go thru and if cashier would not charge me full amount after taking my $3 in points.
After all-trip gave me MM for the next trip


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5 thoughts on “$3.83 money making trip to Target and Walgreens”

No. It was last weeks deal but they still had a price tag on ” buy 2 receive $4 RR”. When I didn’t received it I called the manager. He took a look, realized they haven’t changed the tag (sense it’s their fault) he apologized and tried to put $4 as a pts on my card but it would only let him do 5000pts. ($5) That’s how I got a money making deal on it.


Question for the crest mouthwash is it advertised?


Thanx for advice but unfortunately my printer broke and husband don’t want to buy a new one right now


The reason your $2 coupon didn’t go thru cause they are buy one get one half off and Walgreens doesn’t accept coupons that are more than the item. You could’ve used a .75 printable for the half off shave cream and would’ve worked fine.