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3 Axe Holiday Gift Sets $2.75


I am very new to couponing so this was an exciting purchase for me. 3 Axe Gift Sets

1-Axe Travel Bag (Full Size Bottles)- $15.00 Retail
Marked Down 50% so $7.50
$3.00 off MQ Axe Gift Set
Total $4.50

2- Axe Travel Sets (Trial Size Bottles)- Each $2.00 (not sure of how much they were retail as there was no price on them) $4.00 total.
2- $3.00 off MQ Axe Gift set
Total -$1.75
OOP $2.75 for three sets. All Axe before discounts and coupons would have been a minimum of $19.00 so a 85% savings.

The other two pictures are CVS the Zyrtec which was $5.99 and I used extrabucks to purchase and the drink is from Walgreens. They had a young lady doing a demo and I tried the product and her and I hit it off and she handed me a coupon for a free drink so both of these items were free.

Thanks KCL for your website. I am really enjoying saving money. It is like having a second job.

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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