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<3 CVS!!


I didn’t really like many of the deals that had extra bucks or RR attached to them this week so I mostly just bought stuff I did have coupons for/needed.
This was done at Walgreens, CVS & Walmart.

I was just super excited to find these dog beds! Upon checking out we went back the animal section and saw the beds and decided to buy just ONE for our dogs, they were priced at $14.99 and we didn’t know for sure if our dogs would use them..however upon checking out they only rang up for $2.75!!! so we of course got another one!! so even if our dogs decide not to use them they were a steal!!

all together today we spent..$35 for everything pictured! which would have been almost how much just the dog beds alone would have costed!!! retail value is around $106…

Most of the deals I’m sure we all know about the coupons have been around for awhile..
I had $18 in CVS ECB, & $6 in RR, walking into the stores! Overall I was pleased to bring my dogs something home :) & I also volunteer at an animal shelter and they always need dish soap so I plan on donating most of that to them…

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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