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3 Day Hyvee sale and Unexpected Price Cuts!


I was so excited to see our Hyvee with a special 3 day sale that included things I had coupons for!! It’s not much, but I don’t always find great deals there so this was some fun finds!

6 Purex Laundry detergent, $2.00 each
6 x $1.00 off any MQ
= $6.00 total, or $1.00 each!

KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce, $1.00 each
1 x $1.00/2 MQ
= $1.00 total, or $0.50 each!

Philadelphia Cream Cheese, $1.50 each
1 x $1.00/2 MQ
= $2.00 total, or $1.00 each!

Hunts Ketchup, $0.69, no coupons needed

Total before coupons: $18.75
Total after coupons:$10.27
about 45% savings!


4 Kraft Anything Dressing, $1.89 each
4 x $1.00 off MQ
2 x $1.00/2 TQ
= $1.56 for all 4

Motts for Tots juice, $2.34 each price cut
2 x $1.00 MQ
= $1.34 each, or $2.68

Total before coupons, 12.24
Total after coupons, $4.24
About 65% savings!

I had no idea the juice was on sale, so I only had 2 coupons with me. It’s on price cut til 7/7 so I printed 6 more and am going to stock up!

At Hyvee the cashier was fascinated with the laundry deal, so she asked me to write down how I got the coupons so she could stock up too! I wrote down the KCL site for her and she is going to do the same deal!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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