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$30.17 oop saved $91.22 w/$16 EB


So I started my quest for the Huggies Jean diapers. I literally went to 10- 15 CVS stores in 2 different counties (had to run errands) and unfortunately, no luck for me :-( but I did come across other baby items and by the end of the day, I kinda gave up on the diapers and decided to do the p&g deal.
So, I got
2 Johnson’s natural shampoos $1.57 each (my printer is down so wasn’t able to print the mq)
2 no more tangles shampoos $1.12 each
2 MAM pacifiers $1.57 each (no mq)
1 Munchkin caterpillar toy $1.69
1 baby Orajel $1.62
1 Aveeno diaper rash creme $1.94
1 Revlon liner $2.62 on clearance
1 Revlon eyeshadow $1.37 also on clearance
So total oop for items $19.25 w tax

Now for the p&g deal
4 Clairol nice&easy $23.96
1Tide detergent $5.94
3 Gain soaps $2.97
Total w tax before q’s $35.42
Used $3 off hair notions CVS q
3 $2off $5.99 haircolor CVS q
4 $2/1 Clairol mq
1 $1 Tide mq
3 $.50/1 gain mq
$5 eb’s
Total oop $10.92 w tax
Rcvd $10 eb’s from p&g deal, will rcv my $5 from the beauty club and $1 from green bag tag! Yay!

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