I got all of the above:

4 Tide Simply Clean
2 Nivea Body Wash
2 L’oreal Shampoo
2 L’oreal Conditioner
2 Colgate Optic White
2 Deodorant
1 Dawn Soap
1 Brookside Chocolate Candy
Also got a 24 pk. JTB water not pictured

2 Covergirl Mascara

Dollar General:
2 Zest Bodywash

TX-Based H.E.B:
2 Dove Bodywash

*made multiple transactions*
Coupons used:
4 $2 off 1 L’oreal Advanced Hair
1 $2 off 1 Colgate TP
1 $1 off 1 Colgate
1 $2 off 2 TP (CVS store coupon)
1 $0.25 off Dawn Soap
1 $1 off SURE deodorant
1 $1 off BRUT deodorant
1 $4 off Nivea Bodywash
$7 EB from last week
$5 EB from deodorant, Colgate & Brookside Candy

2 $3 off 1 Covergirl eye product

Dollar General:
1 $1 off Zest bodywash
1 $1 off New Zest shower gel

1 BOGO Free Dove Bodywash
*Buy Dove BW 22oz. Or larger and get one Dove Men + Care BW 13.5 oz. or larger FREE*

For those that don’t have an H.E.B I believe the Dollar General had it for the same price (5.50).

*Also could have used a $2 off $6 Body wash but I work at CVS and the Dial is gonna be on sale next week so I figured I would save it ^.^
*Could not find any $1 off 1 Tide Simply Clean in my inserts or online so if you have it that’s an extra $4 savings!

Taking into account the sale price at CVS and Walgreens that people would get if they use their card the total would have been about $83.50. I spent in total about $38.00 and got back $5 EB so paid about $33.00 at the end of the day ^-^ I’m 19 and this was my second time couponing but always learning and hoping to get my hands on the San Antonio newspaper this coming Sunday for some better deals than the paper in my city has.

Happy Couponing!


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4 thoughts on “$33 spent on $85 worth at four stores!”

Tide simply clean coupons was in the 9/11 redplum i believe. I got two today for .99 cents a piece


Amazing (:


I get 4 SATX paperd delivered every week. I love it. I just started couponing in June, and my life hasn’t been the same lol. I’m obsessed. To me, CVS is the place up save. Walgreens is OK, but they’re pretty strick and aren’t as coupon friendly as CVS.


Same! I live in Corpus Christi and our inserts are not as good and when I plan ahead sometimes the inserts don’t pull through ): I’m gonna try and get some SA papers this weekend and I think even our Barnes and Noble carries the Houston paper. I’ll have to check that out. I work at CVS and try to help my couponers as much as I can. I think we have a pretty good policy compared to Walgreens. If you have a nice cashier to befriend they may let you have some of the ads up to three weeks ahead of time! You can plan and see when is best to use your coupons 🙂