Venus on sale 6.49 coupon 3 off
Shaving cream 3.49ea two coupon of .75
Total 10.18 ten dollars bk
Garnier 2/6ea
Use three manufacture coupons of 3.00 on two. And use three savings book of 2.00 off. Make it 1.06ea
Total for all 3.36.


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3 thoughts on “Under $4.00 at Walgreens”

Did you not need filler items? I didn’t think you could use 1 manufacturers coupon plus a Savings book coupon without fillers.


Since she bought 6 garnier items and used 3 coupons plus 1 scan from the savings book it’s ok because the number of items is equal to or more than the number of coupons.


U didn’t used the whole 10$ back?