4 Dove Shampoo/conditioners $3 each
–I received 300 plenti points when I bought 2 X2
–$3 Savings star on Dove women’s hair product
***$3 money maker***

4 Colgate toothpaste $3.50 each
–$3/1 in ad coupon X4
–$1/1 manufacturer coupon X4
***$2 money maker***

1 Axe Shampoo $3.99
–$2/1 axe hair care coupon
—I received 100 plenti points for buying an axe hair care product
2 Dove men’s shampoos $3.99 each
–$2/1 Dove men hair care product X2
–I received 200 plenti points for buying a dove men’s hair product
–I received 300 plenti points for spending $10 on axe/degree/dove
***$0.03 money maker***

4 Tresemme shampoo/conditioners $5 each
–I used two buy one shampoo get a free conditioner coupons
–$3.99 savings star on a Tresemme beautiful shampoo/conditioner
–$1 savings star on a Tresemme product
6 Suave Professional Gold shampoo/conditioners normally $3.99 each but I found them on clearance for $0.99
–$1.50/1 manufacture coupon X2
–I received 400 points for buying $12 of hair products X2
***$0.05 money maker***

1 Infusium23 shampoo $7.99
–I used a rain check from last weeks sale and it made it $3.99
–$4/1 manufacture coupon
***$0.01 money maker***

I received $89.90 in products. I paid $22.90 out of pocket and received 2000 plenti points worth $20. I also got back $7.99 in savings star rebates, so in total I made $5.09!!!


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5 thoughts on “$5.09 Money Maker at Rite Aid!!!”

Great job! Darn – I did not even realize that Rite Aid did rain checks. Just learned something new!


New to couponing what is savings star rebates?


new to couponing
please explain all savingsstar and extra care


Saving star is an app you get money back for buying certain items (rebate) extra care is from cvs you can earn extra bucks on promotion that say spend so much get extra bucks


And plenti points are from rite aid can be earned on buying products that earn plenti points that can be used the next day