Rite aid:
Bought 1 dove men deodorant 3.99 used $1 coup
Bought simple makeup wipes 25 ct and simple micell water 2 for $10, used $3 coupon
Bought 2 dove styles 2 for $7 used $3 coupon
Bought 2 suave gold shampoos, 2 for $6 used $3 coupon

Paid $16.99 before tax, used points. Got back $8, also activated all the household offers and got back $10.50 more, making them all free, and claimed $3 ibotta on the simple products and $1 simple bonus

Total $5.50 moneymaker


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One thought on “$5.50 MM Rite Aid”

Also bought dove men shave creams on clearance for $1.24, use one dollar off coupon , claimed the two dollar household offer, got another $1.75 moneymaker