Keep in mind i used 2 different cvs cards. One was mine the other was my wife’s. Did 3 different transactions at 2 different stores.
Transaction 1
Started with 3 ecb for downloading the cvs app and had a 30% of cvs coupon

4 wet and wild nail polish .99 x 4 =3.96
2 wet and wild lip sticks .99 x 2 = 1.98
(buy 2 get one free)
2 Venus razors 8.99 x 2 = 17.98
total 23.92 + tax
coupons used
2 $3.00 Venus coupons 6.00
3 $1.00/2 wet and wild products $.300
1.98 free wet and wild
4.66 30% cvs coupon
used my $3.00 ecb paid 5.65 oop got 6 ecb for another day.

Went to my car and noticed on receipt that I could buy one more razor and get $4.00 ecb so I went back in.

Trans #2

1 venus razor 8.99
Used 1 $ 3.00 coupon and the $6.00 ecb from transaction #1 paid 0.00 oop got $4.00 ecb

Transaction #3
Started with $25.00 Ecb

3 colgate mouth wash 5.29 x 3 = $15.87
2 Venus razors 8.99 x 2 = $17.98
1 Gillette Fusion razor 11.99
Total this transaciton $45.84

Coupons used
2 $3.00 Venus mfq $6.00
1 $3.00 Gillette mfq $6.00
3 $1.00 Colgate mouthwash mfq $3.00
$3.00 off 12 Razor cvsq
$2.00 off personal care cvsq
$1.00 off Colgate mouthwash cvsq
$11.96 30% off just for you cvsq
$ 8.13 30% off just for you cvsq
Used $7.75 ecb paid 0.00 oop got 10 ecb for razor and 6 ecb for mouthwash.
So have 17.25 ecb left for what I started with and added another 16 ecb to that to go shopping another day. Lovin’ my cvs store right now.


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4 thoughts on “5.65 oop at cvs”

I have done the same thing when shopping at the CVS near my daughter’s college. Lots of students paying premium price. Nice to share the wealth Julia????????


Julia. Did not mean question marks. Used happy face and changed to ??? Great job!


while I was in cvs there was an elerly man looking at zrytec. I asked him did he gave a coupon for it cause I knew I had a $10.00 off coupon. he did not so I shared the wealth with him. he was so excited cause he was able tp buy the 70 ct for price of 24 ct. “all about couponing”


That’s great Julia, I share when I have the opportunity too I don’t take my coupon bag and binder but I have some extras on the ziploc bags I take for my shopping trip I offer them and ppl get happy and I’m happy to help in some way (: