Walgreens clearance- 50 cent candles and 75 wax melts (can use any brand in your warmer) Stocked up on these as the perfect little extra birthday or holiday gift!! So excited bc birthdays get so expensive!


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One thought on “50 cent candles and 75 cent wax melts at Walgreens!”

That is great! Big savings!
I ended up giving away 3 warmers. Everytime I turned them on the house smelled really good and clean, but after a few minutes my head hurted. I put them away and after a few days took them out again. I did the same proccess with wax melts from a different brand and it still happened. I then bought candles and same thing :/ I guess my house WILL ONLY smell like fabuloso or pine sol LOL ( unless I find a good deal on the spray refills :/ )