TARGET: king size sheet set clearance for $14.98, Nutella $1.57 with coupon, Bic razors free with coupon, nail polish and eyeliner free with coupons, starburst jelly beans $1.07 per bag with target coupon, mobile coupon and printed coupon, Hangers clearance for .81 cents, (huge full box by my stores seasonal area) KMART double coupons, 12 pack of dog food $4.79 after double. Tide pods $1.99, Brawny paper towels clearance price $4, Comet cleaner clearance priced $1, PreparationH $2.99 after coupon, Kellogg’s cereal free ($1coupon from Kellogg’s site with points) and something triggered a $10 SYW bonus points!!?SMITHS (Kroger store) 4 pounds of Challange butter $1.24 each with coupon, meatballs some .49 some .99 cents with coupons, Milano cookies .99 cents printed coupons (one is missing cause I got hungry) Moms cereal less then a dollar, minute maid Apple juice $1.49. Pizzas $2.49 after store and printed coupon. Most printed coupons came from and I used my Sunday inserts for the rest. Successful day in my book.