1st transaction
•Halls x2 @1.50ea. – $1 on2 MC
& -$1 on checkout51
• gen mills cereal x2 @$2ea.

OOP with tax $5.59
With $2 rewards back
(Savings$8.66 / 63%

2nd transaction
• Eurcerin Lotion x4 @$5.50ea
-(4) $2 MC

Used the $2rewards from the 1st transaction

OOP with tax 13.77
With $10 reward for next transaction
(Savings 11.96 / 50%)

3rd transaction
•Laundry Soap x3 @$1.99ea. – (3)$1 MC
• Soft Soap $1.88 – $1cvs coupon
•Kleenex x3 @$1ea. -.50 on3 MC and
-$1cvs coupon
•post grains @1.99- .75MC (printed)

Used $10 reward from 2nd transaction
OOP(tax only) $1.08
(Savings $34.20 / 100%)

Note: I had originally planned on buying two more laundry soaps but they were out 🙁 so in the end I had too much savings and they gave me back the cvs coupons for the $1 off Kleenex and $1 off softsoap
So these items you can double the original count and still end up in paying tax only or get two more soaps if you have the coupons 😊

All 3 transactions OOP w/tax $35.29
Saved $54.82
53% savings total


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One thought on “53% savings in all at CVS!”

Also $1 off 2 coupon on gen mills cereal ????