4 Dove Shampoo/conditioners $3 each
–I received 300 plenti points when I bought 2 X2
–$3 Savings star on Dove women’s hair product
***$3 money maker***

4 Colgate toothpaste $3.50 each
–$3/1 in ad coupon X4
–$1/1 manufacturer coupon X4
***$2 money maker***

1 Axe Shampoo $3.99
–$2/1 axe hair care coupon
—I received 100 plenti points for buying an axe hair care product
2 Dove men’s shampoos $3.99 each
–$2/1 Dove men hair care product X2
–I received 200 plenti points for buying a dove men’s hair product
–I received 300 plenti points for spending $10 on axe/degree/dove
***$0.03 money maker***

4 Tresemme shampoo/conditioners $5 each
–I used two buy one shampoo get a free conditioner coupons
–$3.99 savings star on a Tresemme beautiful shampoo/conditioner
–$1 savings star on a Tresemme product
6 Suave Professional Gold shampoo/conditioners normally $3.99 each but I found them on clearance for $0.99
–$1.50/1 manufacture coupon X2
–I received 400 points for buying $12 of hair products X2
***$0.05 money maker***

1 Infusium23 shampoo $7.99
–I used a rain check from last weeks sale and it made it $3.99
–$4/1 manufacture coupon
***$0.01 money maker***

I received $89.90 in products. I paid $22.90 out of pocket and received 2000 plenti points worth $20. I also got back $7.99 in savings star rebates, so in total I made $5.09!!!


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4 thoughts on “$5.09 Money Maker at Rite Aid!!!”

How do u get the toothpaste my ad said one per card holder


Suave Gold is 3.99 at my store.


What does a in ad coupon mean?


It was on the front page of the rite aid weekly ad