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70% Savings!!!


Ok I went to publix because I love crunchy nut cereal. Here is the break down…
Select Kellogs cereal $1.99
2-Kellogs carmel crunchy nut 1.99 printable coupon 50/1= 99 cents each
3 Kellogs carmel crunchy nut cereal 1.99 newspaper coupon 70/1 = 1.29 each
4 Kellogs crunchy nut cereal 1.99 printable coupon 1/2= 1.49 each
6 Chef Boyrdee BOGO= .74 cents each
Then at CVS I took advantage of the pepsi product deal
Pepsi products .77 cents I got 4 dr peppers with newspaper coupons 1/2= .22 cents each

$56.90 worth of product for $17.16
TOTAL SPENT= $17.16!!
Thats a 70% savings

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