I’ve been so focused on the great deals at Target this week that I almost forgot about some EC bucks/deals I had on my CVS card which were about to expire. So I just made a quick trip to see if I could use them. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to hit the $25 mark since I didn’t prep much and didn’t want to get stuff without coupons but I managed to do it. I actually miscalculated and got a dollar more than I had intended, but still got a better deal than I expected.

3 boxes Frosted Flakes 2/$4
3 boxes Honey Smacks 2/$4
3 bottles Garnier shampoo/conditioner 3/$11
1 bottle Suavitel $1.99
1 2L Pepsi $.99 w/card
1 bag Gold Emblem Cheese Puffs (store brand) 10/$10
Subtotal $26.98

2 $1 off 3 Kellogg’s cereal MQ
3 $1 off Garnier shampoo/conditioner MQ
1 $1 off Suavitel CVSQ
1 $.24 off Pepsi CVSQ
$5 Beautybucks
$5 off $25
$3 off $15
$2 off purchase
$1 quarterly ecb reward
OOP was $4.74 (plus tax) and rcvd 4 ecb from garnier deal


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One thought on “$.74 at CVS”

I thought coupons that were 5/25 or 10/40 couldn’t be used in the same transaction. I’m guessing you did more than one?? Pretty good deal, too bad I haven’t received those type of cvs coupons for a while