Now is the PUURRRFECT time to use your Muse coupons if you haven’t already! (they’re no longer available) Petsmart is having a Buy two get two free promotion on Muse cat food cans. I have several B2G6 Free coupons and a couple B3G3 Free coupons that I haven’t used yet. For every B2G6 Free coupon I had I bought 12 cans so I would get six cans free from the promo and six cans free from the coupon. I had enough coupons to get 84 cans! After the promo and coupons I just paid tax PLUS I got a $5.00 coupon to use next time for spending $35 (before coupons)! Don’t worry I didn’t even come close to clearing the shelf. Petsmart has this food very well stocked!


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3 thoughts on “84 Cans of Muse Cat Food for FREEEEE at Petsmart!!!”

I did the same deal, plus the $7 off the Science Diet dry food and B1G1 on the Science Diet Cans, plus a weird thing in one of the stores where there was a sign for Purina Beyond 3-4lb bags B1G1. It didn’t ring up at the register and the cashier didn’t believe me, but then she checked the sign and gave it to me for that price. Also had Holiday $5 Bonus Bucks to use and the 15% off Friends and Family.

I went to different stores because I don’t want to get to be known as the coupon lady since a number of the stores have management or cashiers that are not coupon friendly and while I have 15 cats to feed, I also won’t clear off shelves. Also, I like to see what is on clearance at the different stores.

I had a cashier tell me that I had to buy my Science diet bags separately because the coupon said one per purchase. I explained that one bag and one coupon and another bag and another coupon could be used in the same TRANSACTION and she just shrugged and scanned it and since it went through she let me do it. I’m always polite and I’m always willing to let a deal go because I live in an area that has lots of PetSmarts. There are plenty of deals.

You are right about the stock the stores have on Muse. I suspect we will see some new coupons soon and hopefully Petsmart deals on top of that.

My total: bought $218.82 of food, final cost $25.27 including tax. That’s about 88% off.


Great job ! I was looking for pet food to donate. Where did you get the coupons??


The coupon is no longer available. It was a Buy 2, Get 6 Muse cans on IQ/ the app.