Quick coupon trip!

Cvs got two 24 pk waters & 2 Tresemme travel hairspray for $8.16 used 7 extra care bucks so I paid $1.16 and got $2 extra care buck back for next purchase!! Basically made $0.84! Not much but it’s pretty cool! Lol! I saved $11.20 on this trip!

Walgreens bought 4 large candles B1G1 FREE! 4 small candles also B1G1 FREE! The wax melts were also B1G1 FREE! Bandaids were clearance for $1.79 spent $40.14 and got $7 in points for next purchase! I saved $39.01! Woop woop!


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2 thoughts on “84cent money maker at cvs! And awesome deals at walgreens!!”

This is clearly not a Money Maker since you used 7 old extra care bucks. You earned the bucks in the past for spending and you probably deducted them then too.


I’m sure you got a great deal, but be aware that you are “double-dipping”. The $7 in Extra Care Bucks was earned on a previous deal. Once you earn it, it is the same as cash. So, you paid $8.16 for the items and earned $2 in ExtraCare Bucks for next time.