Target-2 transactions at 2 stores

6-Swifter Duster Kits $4.99 each
Used 6-$2.00 mfg
Received 2-$10.00 GC
$2.06 moneymaker

1-Glade Wax Warmer sale $4.99
Used $3.00 mfg
Received $3.00 Ibotta
$1.01 moneymaker


2-Almay make up removers
Walgreens coupon, took off $3.49
$.99 for both

2-Ban Refresh Clothes sale $2.00 each
Used 2-$1.00 mfg
Received $1.00 points
$.50 each

1-Colgate Tp double pack sale $5.99
Used $2.00 mfg
Received $3.00 rewards

1-Glade Auto Spray sale $7.49
Used $3.00 mfg
Ibotta $2.00
Received $1.00 points-loaded to card
Received $1.50 rewards
$.01 moneymaker

1-Centrum Vitamelts sale $6.99
Used $4.00 mfg
Received $1.14 points-loaded to card

Received $4.00 in points for spending $20-
Loaded to card

Spent $.32 plus tax for everything at Walgreens


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2 thoughts on “$89.00 Retail, All For Moneymaker at Target!”

Great steal i must say 🙂 Whr can i find walgreens coupons that u have mentioned for Almay? ALso how are points loaded to ur card?


Almay coupon is in the October coupon book good until 11/6 or 11/7 I believe. Points are put on your Walgreens card to be used later.