I’m becoming better as a couponer day by day. Today I went to Walgreens. I bought 2 Mitchum lady deodorants which were 2.99. I used two $2/1 coupons. (Plus when you buy 2 you get 2000 points.)
I used a 50 cent coupon on the Colgate, thus making it 2.50, but I got the register reward making it free.
Used two $1/1 on the UniBall pens making them 99 cents each.
Used 55 cent coupon on the paper mate pens which were on sale for 79 cents, thereby making them 24 cents.

The BEST deal I got was the Zantac Duo Fusion. This week it’s on sale for 8.99. I stacked the coupon in the monthly savings book along with two $4/1 coupons I got from another grocery store (smartsource coupon machine on shelf). Thay brought the price down to 99 cents a bottle!

My total OOP was $9.99! Saved 32.46!!