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$.99 Clearance

Jaden Kayla

Went to my local Wal-Mart Supermercado, Neighborhood Market, and scored big in clearance with enough overage for a couple everyday items.

Vicks Nature Fusion 2-$2 each
Breathe Right Strips 4-$1 each
Robitussin 2-$1.50 each
Allegra kids 3-$1 each
Zyrtec 5ct $5.27
Stayfree 2-$2.86 each


$3/2 Vicks
4 $1.50 any Breathe Right
2 $1 off Robitussin
3 $2 off Allegra kids
$3 off Zyrtec
2 $2 off Stayfree

Total after qs was $.99

Could have gotten a zero total by getting another 2 Allegras and two Vicks, but there is a limit on Vicks of 3 per day.  May go back tomorrow because it’ll still be there.  You also have to be 18 to buy.

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