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A “Cheap” Date with My Bestie to the Mall, Target, and Dinner at Chili’s!

Christina Donnelly

This is my very first brag.  I just really got into couponing a few weeks ago..  So, here it goes!

I took a few days off work for a little “Stay-cation” and got to spend a fun-filled day with my bestie!  After a few errands that she needed to run, we finally arrive at the Mall around 3:00pm.

The first store we hit up was Victoria’s Secret.  Normally, this would have bad idea written ALL OVER IT, but we walked out of there without spending any money (or committing a crime).  From previously spending too much money during the Semi Annual Sale (whoops!), I had racked up a ton of points with their program, Sexy Little Rewards.  I had three of the Sexy Little Rewards coupons from the Silk Series and one from the Satin Series.  I also had one free panty coupon.

I used my three Silk Series coupons to purchase three pairs of Pink yoga pants (retailing at $34.50, $32.50, and $34.50).  I also used my coupon for the free pair of panties (retailing $9.50).  I saved a total of $111.00 before tax..spending NOTHING!  My bestie was amazed (and jealous!) by all the great goodies I scored for absolutely nothing.  The VS I was at didn’t have the item I wanted from the Satin Series, so I decided to save that coupon for another day.

Our next stop was Bath & Body Works.  Every time I go to Bath & Body Works, I use a coupon.  Then they give me ANOTHER coupon.  The coupon I had was for any Signature Collection item free (up to $12.50) with a $10 purchase.  I have more than enough lotions and body sprays, so I decided to go practical.  Antibacterial hand soaps were on sale 4 for $15,  savings of about $1.75 a piece.  I used my coupon to get a free bottle of shower gel (retail of $11.00).  I spent a total of $15.90 and saved about $18.00.

We made a quick stop in Charlotte Russe where I got a cute pink cami for only $5 (normally $7.50).  I signed up for their text alerts so that I can save 10% off my next purchase.  We also went to Hollister where all Clearance (Red-line items) were another 40% off.  I got two pairs of lounge/work-out shorts (retailing at $19.50 each).  The shorts were marked down to $11.90 each and an additional 40% off, making them $7.14 each.  I spent $15.25 after tax and saved almost $24 total!

We were ready for a snack after all those savings.  So we went to Cinnabon to share something sweet.  I used my coupon for a free Minibonn for signing up for their email list.

We left the mall and headed to Toys R Us.  Samantha (my bestie) needed to shop for her niece’s birthday.  I refrained from shopping, but Samantha had to pick up a few things.  She used both a coupon and a gift card.  I was very proud!

After toy shopping, we were ready for some real food.  We went to Chili’s for dinner.  We used a coupon for a free order of chips and salsa.  We both got black bean burgers and fries (Chili’s is one of the few restaurants that caters to vegetarians with a full meal and not just a salad!).  I also had a $20 gift card from Christmas that I still had not used.  We spent a total of $0.85 (plus tip) and were STUFFED.

We left Chili’s and went to Target.  This is where it got fun.  Samantha has never seen me coupon (since I am relatively new at it). Here is what I got at Target:

2 Glade Expressions Oil Starter kits @ $5.99 each.  I used two $5.00 off coupons.  Spending .99 cents each.
1 GE CFL light bulb @ $3.79 each.  I used one $2.00 Target coupon.  Spending $1.79
1 Neutrogena facial wipes (travel size, 10 count) @ $1.97 each.  I used one coupon for $2.00 off a face product by Neutrogena.  (I wasn’t sure if I could use this coupon for the face wipes, so I was happy that it worked.).  So I got this FREE.
2 Packages of Bic pens @ .99 cents each.  I used one $1.00 off two coupon.  These were .49 cents each.
1 Package of Paper Mate pens @ $1.00 each.  I used one $1.00 off Target coupon.  These were also free.
1 Bag of World’s Best Cat Litter @ $8.49.  I used one $5.00 off coupon, spending $3.49.  Plus, I am sending off for the rebate on the cat litter, which will make this FREE.
1 Roll of Scotch Magic Tape @ $1.00.  I used one .50 cents off Target coupon, making it .50 cents.
1 Mouse pad from the Dollar Bin @ $1.00.

I spent $11.37 after tax at Target and saved $21.50!  I also gave Samantha a coupon on the cat litter, so I helped her save a few dollars as well.

For the entire day (Literally, I didn’t get home until after 10pm!), I spent under $50 including dinner and had a blast with my bestie!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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